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🙉ใช้เทคโนโลยี Percussion therapy ด้วยเสียงที่เบามาก ต่ำกว่า 60เดซิเบล ไม่รบกวนคนรอบข้าง

☁️น้ำหนักเบา จับถนัดสบายมือ ไม่เมื่อย เมื่อใช้นานๆ

🔋แบตเตอรี่ทนทาน อยู่นานถึง6ชม. 

📍มากับหัวเปลี่ยนถึง 7แบบ และโหมดการใช้งาน 4อย่าง ให้เลือกตามความต้องการ

🙉 Percussion Therapy Without All the Noise , only less than 60 db.

☁️ Lightweight yet robust…no cords, no cables.

🔋Long lasting battery for straight 6 hours use.

📍Comes with 7 interchangeable heads and 4 modes.

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Flow Pro (14mm Amplitude) Massage Gun

The Pro is a Next-Generation Vibration Massage Device for Athletes, Physios & Sports Professionals.

Powerful yet lightweight with over 4 hours of use per charge.

Our in-house motor design significantly reduces noise compared to other massage guns in the market.

3200 percussions a minute at max speed helps increase lymphatic flow & reduce lactic acid.


We designed the Flow Pro in consultation with leading Athletes, Sports Physiotherapists, and Professional Sports teams from across the United Kingdom – to help speed up recovery and improve performance.


Pro gives Athletes a Precision Sports Massage via four levels of Powerful Vibration – to promote best Performance, Reduce Fatigue, and Relieve Muscle Swelling and Tension.

  • Accelerates warmup of muscles before exercise.
  • Regular use improves an athlete’s overall mobility and range of movement.
  • Helps to release trigger points and assists the break up of scar tissue.
  • Easy-to-use self-myofascial release any time, anywhere.
  • May help reduce common muscle and joint pain.

Our Motor

When we set out the requirements for the Flow Pro, a significant reduction in noise and outstanding battery life were our highest priorities. To achieve this, we knew we’d have to design our own motor in-house.

Our powerful high-torque motor is completely brushless, cutting-edge, air-cooled and uses fewer parts than other off-the-shelf alternatives.

Designed by our engineers in the UK and fabricated in Shenzhen, no other motor comes close.


The Flow Pro is the most controllable handheld sports massager in the world, with three levels of power and our patent pending FlowWave™ mode which was developed in conjunction with Sports Physios to provide the most effective recovery possible for athletes.

Level 1 (Relax): 1800rpm @ 30Hz
Level 2 (Refresh): 2400rpm @ 40Hz
Level 3 (Recharge): 3200rpm @ 53Hz
FlowWave™: L1 through to L3 ∞

7 Flow heads

Super Soft:
Flexible and forgiving with a greater surface area for treatment of muscle groups such as the hamstrings, trapezius, glutes & quads.

A low impact head for use around tender or bony areas, its forgiving dampening means it may be used all over even the most tired of bodies.

Made with closed cell PU foam, this forgiving, non-porous & hygienic head is perfect for allover body use and more sensitive areas.

Designed with the shape &* firmness to flush the muscles of lactic acid and promote lymphatic drainage via scraping and flushing techniques.

Perfect for the spine, lower neck and Achilles’ tendon along with major muscle groups like the calves and quadriceps.

Its small diameter is perfect for focused muscle treatment, to pinpoint trigger points and work them away

The jack of all trades head, the hammer is designed for overall body treatment and larger more dense muscle group.

รายละเอียดสินค้า Flow Pro

🙉ใช้เทคโนโลยี Percussion therapy ด้วยเสียงที่เบามาก ต่ำกว่า 60เดซิเบล ไม่รบกวนคนรอบข้าง

☁️น้ำหนักเบา จับถนัดสบายมือ ไม่เมื่อย เมื่อใช้นานๆ

🔋แบตเตอรี่ทนทาน อยู่นานถึง6ชม. 

📍มากับหัวเปลี่ยนถึง 7แบบ และโหมดการใช้งาน 4อย่าง ให้เลือกตามความต้องการ



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5 reviews for Flow Pro 14mm

  1. Rhoda Dinesen

    so worth it


    excellent device. in this lockdown, i am unable to get to my usual accupressure massages – this works as an alternative though it is not the same, because it is manual v a therapist, but for what we are restricted with, it works. also i can pull this out of the bag anytime i need it without having to make an appointment. price wise, it costs less than a month’s invoices at the therapist, so it paid for itself.

  3. Daniel Lim

    Product was a good recommendation but Hee Chai is nice and explain the product well. Good service, highly recommend!

  4. Tze ming W.

    Item came the day after I placed my order online. Everything was packed properly and worked perfectly.

  5. Anonymous

    Great massage gun, much more power and depth than other massage guns. Huge variety of attachments too. Would recommend.

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